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Meet one of my shadows – Welcome to Mr. Judgment

by Klaus
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“The major block to compassion is the judgment in our minds. Judgment is the mind’s primary tool of separation.”
Diane Berke

One of my biggest shadows is judgement. Calling it a shadow feels almost like sugar coating it.

You smoke? Of course I have something to say to you. It is easy for me because I am not addicted.

You are overwheight? Same thing. I am blessed with an healthy metabolism and the opportunity to work out. Does this make me a better human being?

How about a murderer? Of course this person did a horrible thing. Taking someone else’s life cannot be undone. But what put that person into this position. Did he think about murder at day one of his life?

Things get hairy when someone affects your life directly with his or her actions. Blowing smoke in your face is one thing. Someone killing a person close to you is something else.

I am shocked if I see a herion addict. But I am also thinking how lucky I am that this is not me. Being a drug addict takes a lot of survival strength. I don’t know if I could deal with the daily challenges of living that life without safety blanket or comfort zone.

How about that illegal immigrant trying to enter our country? There is a person who tries to do the best for him- or herself and for his family. Who am I to tell that person to go to hell? Ok, in this case I am little biased since I am an immigrant as well. I finally got my citizenship. I can relate to someone being afraid of a police car pulling up. My path was not illegal. But that again was just because I was a bit luckier than others.

Judging happens quickly and doesn’t take much effort. I’d encourage you to take the harder route go a little deeper. Let’s keep in mind  that this person down the isle or at the table next to us could very well be you or me – if circumstances would have been only slightly different at times when we hit some major crossroads in your life including the time our genes where handed over to us.

Will I ever be completely free of judgment? Definitely not. This is a wild animal inside myself that I can tame at best. But for me it is well worth dedicating time and energy to it. For starters I’ll always have this blog post to go back to ;-)

Have you ever thought how judging others serves you for you? Or better: How things could be different in your life and the life of others if judgement would be replaced by simply seeing each other eye to eye and accepting each other the way we are?

Living a judgmental and sarcastic lifestyle might be funny to some. At the end it is for cowards.

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