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The power of saying no

by Klaus

For many decisions the answer will only be yes or no – without thinking about it for more than a split second.question_mark

  • How about these decisions that require a bit more thinking? How about questions that involve ethical standards?
  • How about the hard choices to make?

I’ve faced numerous situations this year that required me to listen to myself. Choices I had to make involved business proposals, friendships and dating.

How do I decide on matters that involve a grey zone?
I use my brain and reference the situation to past events in my life and others I have heard or read about that relate to my problem.

Of course I look at the possible outcomes and what they mean to me and to others (the second part is equally important).

I try not to reduce myself to thinking but also listen to the inner voice below my neck. I try to get in touch with my feelings. My brain might be able to fool myself. My emotions can’t. If my body shows any signs of discomfort I know that I need to listen to it.

If none of this helps to provide clarity then I assume that I’ve made a decision and sit with it for a while. How much buyers remorse would come up for me?

Many times I don’t really talk to others prior to making these decision and rely on my own judgment.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am by no standards a saint nor am I peppered with ultimate wisdom. I am human and make poor choices. I have made compromises in the past that I am not proud of.

I still try to live my life in integrity. If that is gone I really don’t have a whole lot left. Certainly nothing to pass on to others. I’d feel like an empty shell.

I know I’ll presented with plenty of more challenging decisions to make in my life. It is one of my biggest wishes to stay on the path I am currently on. Wish me luck.

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