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Why I don’t do drugs

by Klaus

I’ve been nearly drug free my entire life. I had a very brief period where I smoked a little pot and had few glasses of wine and beer before the ago of 15. I had seizures for a few years as a teenager and even though these are long gone I never touched alcohol again.

I remember friends telling me stories about the amazing experiences they had while being on drugs. I always felt that this would really suck. I love my kicks in life but if I’d create benchmarks that are off the charts of a drug-free life I’d be doomed.

I need my kicks and usually have no problem getting them. I feel that I have had plenty of natural highs in my life but maybe they’d be marginalized by some total awesome experiences while being on LSD, cocaine or something of the likes? I never wanted to find out. I know that I can get really into things and I’d be way to afraid that my life would get derailed. I am a control freak when it comes to my own life. I like maximum independence and being able to make my own choices. 

I like to live life to the fullest (don’t we all?). To me that also means to experience it the way it is. The good, the bad and the ugly. I refuse to numb myself when I am down and I don’t want any additional boosters when I am on a high already.

I want to remember what I did last night. I want to see the world in the colors it presents itself to me. I also like to keep my ups and downs in moderation and am not into any kind of excesses.

The only addictions I allow for myself are for coffee, a little candy and of course the endorphins that come with exercising. Count the Internet in as well if you wish.

I have no problem being around people drinking alcohol. When people are getting really drunk I disassociate myself. At that time the conversation becomes to lopsided and that’s where the fun ends for me. I admit that I am a little uncomfortable when people have been smoking pot. That’s because I don’t know if they are laughing at a joke of mine or just because they are stoned. I have no problem with them smoking unless they are still in their brain development phase (under 25). I just don’t beed to be around it.

Of course I’ve been asked countless times about my abstinence. At the end it is an abstinence from drugs but a strong choice for an exciting life at the same time. It can create brief moments of awkwardness in social settings when people first learn about my abstinence.

That vanishes very quickly when people notice that I am comfortable with them having some wine or beer and that I am anything but detached from their conversation.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to give anyone the guilt trip for consuming alcohol. These are just my choices. Yet I am strongly opposed to driving under the influence but the it is not my job to take care of those guys. The police is doing the job.

So me not drinking alcohol is really just a piece in the mosaic of how I live my life. It’s not that big a deal.

Make sense?


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