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Klaus without the Santa
Nonsense requires a serious interest in life :)

I have started many websites and blogs before. All of them with a focus on their audience and providing relevant content.

Tales from the midst of life is different. This is the most personal project I’ve started so far.

I am writing about what is relevant to me – not what’s relevant for you.

Reading this blog will take some of your time that might better be invested elsewhere.

This is not a “must read”. You choose if you want to visit my personal space or not.

I am in the midst of life and intend to stay there for a very long time.

I am also trying to live my life – not just let it slide by and see it come to an end – way before I might pass away. This, of course, is a constant struggle and that is what part of this blog is about. My journey with all its ups and downs is the core piece of this blog.

I have a number of long-standing love affairs with things I am passionate about. One part of this blog will cover my “affairs”.

Sometimes I get really mad. I need to vent. There is a rant corner on this blog just for that.

More often than getting mad I get highly amused…especially by odd stuff. Of course, I’ll write about that as well. That is clearly the lighter side of the blog.

This blog serves as a journal for me – in the true sense blogs were originally designed to be – before they became the powerhouses of modern content distribution.

This blog is also garnished with typos. At least you know I didn’t outsource the stories of my life;-)


Years in the US


Years in Europe


Hours spent in record stores


Total daydreaming hours


Services Offered

Well...not really...it was just in the theme and too tempting...so here we go


Yup, free hugs. Always for free :)


I’m pretty passionate about the future and the impact of modern technology. You’ll hear me talking about it quite a bit.


Every given one? It feels like magic.


Interested in listening to some awesome jazz in Colorado? Me, too :)


Some people call me mean…


We are ALL so much better off with a higher level of empowerment. Women, minorities, immigrants: stronger together with  sprinkle of Ubuntu on top please!


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