Hello, I'm Klaus

I’m Interested in common sense (good & bad). I’m also aiming to keep it real and look at the glass being mostly half full. These are three concepts represented in this blog.

Hardly anyone in the US can say my last name correctly. So let’s not bother with it.

Holzapfel actually means crabapple (Holz = Wood, Apfel = Apple). This is not German for beginners, though.

I will write a post about the garage Beatles infused door soon and tell you the whole story.

There is already plenty to read about, on this site. Happy browsing!

Key Concepts

Non-violent Communication

This is simply another way to make the world a better place. We can keep yelling at each other (online and offline) or we tone it down and try to understand what others are actually trying to say. For starters I highly recommend Marshall Rosenberg’s book on the topic.

Common Sense

Need to discuss common sense?
Does someone need a dose of it?
Are the principles unclear?
Doubting its benefits?
Please get in touch!


We are ALL so much better off with a higher level of empowerment. Women, minorities, immigrants: stronger together with a sprinkle of Ubuntu on top please!


One of my strongest realizations is how limited our time on earth really is. Therefore having a purpose in life and using it as a guide is of high priority for me. This is not necessarily the easy route. I keep challenging myself. My journey has ups and downs and many of them have been recorded on this blog.

Random Acts of Kindness

Buying a cup for someone else. Paying for someone’s groceries. Giving flowers to a stranger. Shoveling someone’s driveway. Generally this is not something we talk about a lot. It’s something we simply do. Beware: Once you know how good it feels one can become addicted.

(Not so) Recent Blog Posts

Personal Stuff

An unusual transition

2020 is coming to an end. 2021 is awaiting us. Many of us are calling 2020 the worst year ever and want it to be over. I think it’s worth differentiating a little bit. On the most basic level, we

Wanna-Be Visionaire

The biggest earth day ever

Today is the 50th time we celebrate Earth Day. In other times many of us would have tweeted a “Happy Earth Day” from their SUVs on the way to the airport.  Today we enjoy unusually clean air, clear skies, and

Wanna-Be Visionaire

The 1200 dollar question

Some of you might have received $1200 from the US government or will do so soon. For many Americans, this is money desperately needed to pay their bills. This is not true for everyone receiving this payment and that’s what

My Covid-19 Lists
Odd Findings

My five Covid-19 lists

I’ve been doing quite a bit of work on my bucket list during the time we were told to stay at home. I’ve been building a 3D printer and getting and up and running and kept busy in many ways.

Personal Stuff

Rejecting the Unknown

Today is Yom Kippur. It’s the highest holiday on the Jewish calendar. Unlike the main Christian holidays, it’s a rather serious affair. It’s a day of forgiveness and jews spend it fasting and in deep prayer. On that day a


The thing about trains

Before I talk about my vision for trains in the future I’d better provide some random facts about my train background: My dad introduced me to the world of cars and planes when I was little. We had the according

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