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London, thanks for the reminder

by Klaus

Dear Great Britain, there are really a lot of things that suck about you:

  • Your weather, even in the days of global warming
  • Your government(s) are often annoying, especially when it comes to European politics
  • Your poisonous food
  • London’s financial district has been one of the big creators for our global financial crisis
  • Plus you are putting harmless tourists into danger by driving on the wrong side of the road

You have given the world an awesome lot of culture. Some of the best movies, TV, music and comedy of the world originates from your wicked island. You are an educated bunch that always makes a good smart ass in any conversation. The one thing I always loved best about you is your sense of self humor. There is nothing like sitting down with the British and comparing our shortcomings.

Your National Health System has certainly seen better days but the fact that it was so prominently featured in the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games was a massive statement about solidarity and unity. I look at this not just as a way of you portraying yourself but also as sending out a message to the world.

Yes parts of that ceremony looked like some lame version of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit Land but for the most part you made us smile and warmed our hearts. The ceremony was a line-up of icons that hardly anyone else one earth can come up with. Your self portrait really brought out the best of you. It doesn’t matter how that show ranked by technical standards or statistics. It was an emotional fireworks that could have gone on for hours and hours if some of the older participants wouldn’t have been way past their bed time already.

Even your Queen was willing to play her part in showing the world what you are made of. The was AWESOME and will never be forgotten! Thank you.

The only notable absences for me were Sting and Richard Branson. I guess they’ll have to hang in there until the next time you’ll be hosting.  You’d have my vote for 2020 ;)

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