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Time for some wishful thinking

by Klaus

Wishful thinking Here is my totally short and rational top 20 wish list for 2014 (in random order):

1. I wish for truly affordable quality healthcare for everyone.

2. I wish for the green party to get some officials elected in the US

3. I wish for Edward Snowden to return as a hero and accept a position as national data protection supervisor.

4. I wish for the tea party to dissolve itself and the Republican party to get a grip and drop their efforts to turn back the clock on social issues.

5. I wish for China, Japan and South Korea to stop flexing their muscles and coexist peacefully.

6. I wish for a free trade agreement between Europe and the US to come close to reality.

7. I wish for the Olympic Winter games to get cancelled.

8. I wish for Sepp Blatter to step down and the 2022 Wold Cup to be given to another country.

9. I wish for a ban on fracking.

10. I wish for Germany or the US to win the 2014 World Cup. Brazil would be my distant third choice ;)

11. I wish for peace in Syria, South Sudan and all other places where people are fighting.

12. I wish the pope success in his epic quest to clean up the Catholic church and hope he can become a role model for many other leaders and shift some sentiment where it is really needed.

13. I wish for the numbers of shootings to further decline in the US. A few bambis can still get shot, humans should be left to other, more natural causes of death.

14. I wish for Bill Gates to find some solutions for all the great challenges his foundation is working on.

15. I wish for Michael Schumacher to fully recover and to do something meaningful with his big name.

16. I wish for less wrecking ball and more music people listen to because it is that good.

17. I wish for airlines to reintroduce the concept of humanity.

18. I wish for the gap between rich and poor to decline.

19. I wish for a major infrastructure program in the US that rebuilds air traffic control, lays down fiber in our cities and improves our railroads and freeways.

20. I wish for more respect for science and people spreading less unproven facts as the absolute truth on Twitter and other social networks.

If we can do those 20 we’ll be in decent shape. Please note that I did not put the cancellation of the 2nd amendment in here. We I’ll save that for 2015 :)

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